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PLP-ESS Module 15: Environment and Social Safeguards Provisions and Compliance Management and Reporting (Alan Sewell)

Pacific Island Countries are constrained with limited number of staff and expertise including resources to carry out effective monitoring for compliance on agreed standards and conditions prescribed in a project’s environmental and social management plans. In most cases, national EIA regulators, local project management units and contractors do no communicate with each other, often resulting in weak planning of monitoring activities and their subsequent reporting. Moreover, roles and responsibilities are not well understood, particularly when it relates to ownership for leading or supporting monitoring throughout the various stages of the project cycle.

This module aims at:
i. Introducing participants to the requirements of ESS compliance and best practices for monitoring and reporting throughout stages of a project’s life-cycle.
ii. Introduce participants to recommended tools and approaches for monitoring and reporting at the project level during the planning and construction stages of a development project.