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Development of these Terms of Reference (ToRs) would not have been possible without the commitment of and contributions from different individuals and institutions.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a decision-making support tool to assess the impacts of various projects on the environment. This reports examines five significant indicators whose integration ensures a robust EIA system is in place.

This document is not a Code of Practice for the purposes of Sections 23A(4) and 102(2)(d) of EMPCA,

The term “Environmental and Social Safeguards (or Standards)” is used by development institutions, i

An Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) provides a methodological approach to managing environmental and social ri

The Legislative Assembly has passed the Registration of Environmental Impact Assessment Consultant’s Regulations 2021 ensuring

The third round of online regional training on enhancing knowledge and understanding of key E&S professionals and practitioners on best practices for managing risks and impacts associated with an effective EIA process as well as meeting the requirements of environmental and social safeguards