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The third round of online regional training on enhancing knowledge and understanding of key E&S professionals and practitioners on best practices for managing risks and impacts associated with an effective EIA process as well as meeting the requirements of environmental and social safeguards

The purpose of this guideline is to identify matters which are relevant to the environmental impact assessment of bitumen works.

This document contains the main outputs of Component 2 of the FAO project “Towards sustainable aquaculture: selected issues and guidelines”.

The Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) (the government) has requested the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide support through technical assistance (TA 9428- PNG) to prepare a standalone project to finance investments through Power Sector Development Project (PSDP) in PNG.

The Solomon Islands Government takes responsibility to maintain, improve, rehabilitate, reconstruct and/or construct new infrastructure.

The Outer Island Maritime Infrastructure Project – Additional Financing (the project) will continue the efforts of the Government of Tuvalu (the government) with support from Asian Development Bank (ADB) to rehabilitate and improve maritime infrastructure on the outer islands.

This EIA checklist is extracted from the "SPREP Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment: Guidelines for Pacific Island Countries and Territories (2016)".