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PLP-ESS Module 23: Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM): A case study from the Pacific

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Following the previous PLP-ESS training on module 8 for grievance redress mechanisms and reporting, this module will focus on the structure of an existing project GRM and will explain the key parts that guide the implementation of the GRM. This includes roles and responsibilities of the project grievance management, grievance procedure, and monitoring and reporting. Participants will also be introduced to the following templates: complaint form, grievance close out form, and corrective action record. This module aims to:

  1. Introduce participants to the structure of a project-specific GRM, learning about the roles and responsibilities between the national implementing agency, project management unit and contractor.
  2. Introduce participants to a project specific grievance procedure and individuals/organizations with responsibilities in the effective administration of the following steps: (1) receive, register and acknowledge the grievance, (2) screen and assess, (3) review grievance, (4) identify solutions, (5) implement corrective actions, (6) inform the complainant once the resolution is implemented, monitor, document and close-out.
  3. Introduce participants to GRM tools such as complaint form, grievance close out form, and corrective action record.