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Is the fate of our deep sea environment in the hands of the mining companies?

Deep sea mining
Published date: 18-Mar-2023

For some, the issue of seabed mining is not yet on their radar. For others, it’s a topic that’s too technical to understand so their interest drifts elsewhere. There are those who have already been convinced mining is the way to go. Then there are others who don’t want mining to ever go ahead. The truth is we simply do not know enough to make that decision.

Over the years, there has been a significant push by the Cook Island government to share the narrative among our community that mining will bring significant financial benefits to our nation and that seabed mining will solve the world’s current climate crisis. 

But what about the voice from our ocean? 

What are the potential environmental impacts our ocean will face? Impacts that we should all be aware of to determine how much new risk we are willing to accept.

From the little research that has been done, we do know the environmental impacts of deep sea mining will be irreversible. 

Deep seabed mining will harm a sensitive ecosystem that is very still, dark and cold, a fragile environment that is not typically disturbed.

To responsibly manage deep sea mining impacts, a significant amount of time and research will be needed to understand our deep sea’s resilience to disturbance. 

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