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PLP-ESS Module 13: Land impact and use in the Pacific: An alliance between Pacific land tenure and the ADB/World Bank’s environment and social framework (Rebekah Ramsay and Joyce Onguglo)

Infrastructure development in the Pacific often impacts on land through its use and access. Through the application of the World Bank’s fifth environment and social standard (ESS5) across the region, the World Bank has demonstrable experiences of applying various approaches to managing access and use of land for project related activities. The training will discuss the participatory approach to the design and management of land use/access in general and will draw on examples from transport road projects in the Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia. Additional information will be shared on related topics such as benefit sharing agreements, voluntary donations, changes in access, community land donation, grievance redress mechanism, and sources of funding.

This module aims to:
i. Introduce participants to the World Bank’s participatory approach to address land impact and use in the Pacific.
ii. Share experiences and lessons learnt of managing land impacts associated with the World Bank’s project financed activities.