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PLP-ESS Module 10: Scoping for EIA (Jope Davetanivalu and Dr Greg Barbara)

EIA regulatory agencies in the Pacific often request capacity building support for developing terms of reference for EIA studies. In most cases, the quality of the EIA report is directly influenced by the constraints of limited qualified and experienced professionals to implement an effective EIA process. While screening applications for development consent is a critical starting point, countries apply different approaches with minimal struggle, however both experience and documented requests to SPREP have shown that many EIA regulators are requesting assistance for preparing terms of reference for EIA consultants and the structure/format of the EIA report to be aligned with best practices across the region. To address this, training will target the improvement in knowledge and skills of staffs across EIA regulators and potentially, consultants from their private sectors who are engaged to prepare EIA studies and reporting.

This module aims at:
i. Introducing participants to key steps of preparing terms of reference for a consultant to carry out an EIA study.
ii. Exploring the usefulness of adopting SPREP’s EIA report template.
iii. Providing advice on how to select consultants with the right sets of skills and experience including managing contracts throughout the EIA process.