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The Project. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and FSM Government (the Government) have established the Chuuk Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project (CWSSP).

Queen Salote International Wharf (QSIW) is International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) compliant and the United States Coast Guard undertake a yearly audit of the facility.

The Government of Kiribati (the government), through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED), has requested support from Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other financiers to reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports by increasing the renewable energy percentage of electricity gener

Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH) International Ventures (IV) is launching a US$ 400 million mobile telecommunications venture in Papua New Guinea (PNG) through its subsidiary Vodafone PNG, known as the ATH-Vodafone PNG Mobile Telecoms Project (‘the Project’).

The Solomon Islands Government takes responsibility to maintain, improve, rehabilitate, reconstruct and/or construct new infrastructure.

Historically, Tonga has almost exclusively relied on the import of diesel for generating its electricity needs. An estimated 14 million liters of diesel are consumed each year to generate over 89% of the grid-supplied electricity.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank (WB) and Solomon Islands Government (the government) have established the Solomon Islands Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (UWSSSP).

Samoa comprises the islands of Upolu, Savai'i, Manono and Apolima in the South Pacific Ocean, together with all other adjacent islands, and lying between the 13th and 15th degrees of south latitude and the 171st and 173rd degrees of longitude west of Greenwich.

Port Vila, Vanuatu’s capital city and economic hub, located on the island of Efate is a growing city that faces not only expansion but high vulnerability to natural hazards such as cyclones, earthquakes and associated tsunamis, prolonged inundation and drought.

This Environmental and Social Safeguard monitoring report is conducted bi-annually to ensure that the Outer Island Renewable Energy Project is aligned with the ADB’s safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) and the Government of Tonga’s environmental laws and regulations.