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The third round of online regional training on enhancing knowledge and understanding of key E&S professionals and practitioners on best practices for managing risks and impacts associated with an effective EIA process as well as meeting the requirements of environmental and social safeguards

The Guideline is intended to assist and guide prospective developers (or their consultants) with an intention to carry out Level 3 activities in Papua New Guinea ("PNG"), to meet their legal obligations under Section 51 and Section 53 of Environment Act 2000 (the "Act").

This report explores the opportunities for enhancing local content in infrastructure procurement in the Pacific to increase economic growth, jobs, and broader development outcomes.

As the World Heritage Convention celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022, over 1100 sites around the world are recognized as World Heritage - places that are so valuable to humanity that there conservation has been deemed our collective responsibility.

Integrated assessment is a new tool that joins the current suite of impact assessment tools.

These guidelines provide a practical approach to Social Impact Assessment (SIA). They are designed to help readers learn the basics about how to conduct an SIA, contribute to an SIA, use the results of an SIA, and judge if an SIA is fit for purpose.

This report, Inclusive Infrastructure in the Pacific, was commissioned by the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) Coordination Office and carried out by the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and Infrastructure Specialist.

This toolkit provides resources—guidance, tips, and tools to facilitate participation in the PLP-ESS E-mentoring relationships.
This toolkit contains:
• An overview of E-mentoring programme under the PLP-ESS
• Information about the mentoring process

Environmental Impact Assessment Act 2003; Tonga

No. 16 of 2003

An Act to provide for the application of environemntal impact assessment to the planning of development projects within the Kingdom and matters related thereto