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PLP-ESS Module 19: Certified Environmental Practitioner Schemes - A look at the EIANZ Qualification Accreditation Scheme

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Through documented requests and discussions between PLP partners and their respective counterparts across the Pacific, there is a growing demand for establishing local register/database of qualified consultants for EIA and safeguard specialists to assist with the effective application of environmental and social management systems. Tied to this issue is the essential need to promote certified professionals and practitioners to implement proper ESIA studies including any technical support for carrying out environmental and social management plans throughout a project’s life cycle. Through this module, participants will learn about reputable certification scheme provided by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand [EIANZ]. This module aims to:

  • Introduce participants to EIANZ Certified Environmental Practitioner (CENvP) Scheme and learn about key their features, requirements, and application process.

  • Discuss the relevancy of such accreditation schemes for the Pacific to address the narrow pool of locally qualified professionals and practitioners to support effective ESS management for sustainable development.