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Environment Protection Authority Quarry Code of Practice (2017)

This document is not a Code of Practice for the purposes of Sections 23A(4) and 102(2)(d) of EMPCA, which refer to Codes of Practice made and approved in accordance with EMPCA regulations. Rather, the purpose of this code is to document acceptable environmental guidelines for quarrying, in order to:

  • promote industry self-regulation
  • provide information for planning authorities on the assessment and control of quarries under LUPAA and EMPCA
  • provide the basis for uniform planning scheme standards
  • further the objectives of Tasmania's Resource Management and Planning System, which seeks to provide sustainable development of Tasmania's resources
  • assist in compliance with the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 (MRDA) and provide an assessment standard for mining leases
  • increase general community awareness about environmental management within the industry, and
  • assist operators in the operation and rehabilitation of quarries.