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Guideline for preparing an Environmental and Social Management Plan (NZTA)

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) holds a strong regard towards the natural, built and social environment, as demonstrated through the Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy. Through this policy the NZTA aims to continuously improve performance in the management of environmental and social impacts, improve the knowledge and understanding of the extent and conditions of New Zealand’s environment, and identify and comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulation. This policy along with the State Highway Environmental Plan and the NZTA State Highway Asset Management Plan [in the future will be the NZTA State Highway Activity Management Plan] are consistent with the requirements of the Land Transport Management Act 2003, Resource Management Act 1991(RMA), and other environmental legislation and regulation.

As the NZTA retains the primary responsibility for the environmental performance of its activities, the NZTA is committed to ensuring a successful environmental management system is established through the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for all capital works projects, network outcome contracts and bridge management contracts.

This guide sets out the requirements of an ESMP in Section 3 and provides guidance for its use in Section 4 to 7. The guide is primarily aimed to assist state highway project and contract managers and their contractors and consultants on the requirements of an ESMP. The guide sets out the framework for integrating an environmental management system with the overall contract quality system and with the multitude of sub management plans e.g. erosion and sediment control, construction noise, landscaping etc. that are required to ensure steps are in place to meet our legal obligations and manage risk.